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In 2007, at age 28, Varadkar emerged on the national stage by winning election to the Dáil representing Dublin West. Varadkar’s mother, an Irish-born nurse, and his father, an Indian-born physician, met while working together in England. Before settling in Dublin, where Varadkar, the youngest of three children, was born, the family also lived in Leicester and briefly in India. Varadkar grew up in the Blanchardstown/Castleknock area of suburban west Dublin. At age 7 or 8, a precocious—and, as it turned out, prescient—Varadkar announced that he wanted to become minister for health. He attended a state-run Roman Catholic elementary school (St. Francis Xavier National School) and a private Protestant secondary school (the King’s Hospital) before studying medicine at Trinity College Dublin.

Leo Varadkar says there no Plan B yet for Stormont return

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Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe and Public Expenditure Minister Michael McGrath are also to swap roles under the deal while Martin will become deputy prime minister and replace Simon Coveney as foreign and defence minister, Varadkar told parliament. The agreement between his party, Fine Gael, and Fianna Fail — also in long-term decline — was seen as an awkward alliance to check the growing influence of an up and coming rival for power, Sinn Fein. Micheal Martin of Fianna Fail took over for the first two and a half years of the usual five-year term; now, Mr. Varadkar gets another chance.

Ben Dunne: Without Florida arrest, would underbelly of business and political life in Ireland have been revealed?

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McDonald’s party, which has deep historical ties to the Palestinian cause, has repeatedly condemned Israel’s bombardment of Gaza. Most immigrants and children of immigrants are just ordinary people doing ordinary things, leading ordinary lives, making our quiet contributions to our neighbourhood, communities, county and country. We are mushroom pickers, bus drivers, waiters and bartenders, nurses and caregivers. We fix phones, deliver the weekly shop to doors across the country. Without referring to anything in particular, this past week, Mr. Varadkar acknowledged his fallibility.

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US Olympic marathon trials start time changed due to heat concerns

However, the lockdown’s stringent restrictions had a devastating effect on the economy, including a record decline in GDP of more than 6 percent during the second quarter of 2020 and hence a slide into recession. Early on, Varadkar established a much-vaunted reputation for outspokenness that some observers characterized as “straight talk” and others as arrogance. The programme will result in advanced data-driven prediction models for progression of the disease in patients and next-generation data analysis that facilitates clinical insights and treatment. His focus on Brexit did not prove popular with many of his constituents, however, and Varadkar’s emphasis on his handling of that issue seemed to resonate little with Irish voters when they went to the polls in February 2020 for the national election.

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That, together with promises to overhaul health and education, have won Sinn Fein considerable support. The ads featured damaging and untrue claims that suggested O’Callaghan had left her job with RTÉ’s Prime Time programme to promote skin care products. In February Facebook apologised unreservedly to O’Callaghan and both parties reached a court settlement over false and misleading advertisements that appeared on Facebook. Hoax articles following a similar template exist for the likes of Liam Neeson, Russell Crowe, Elon Musk and Richard Branson. It’s unclear whether the operators of these sites use Varadkar for this scheme due to his position as Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment or because he is simply a recognisable public figure. A recurring detail throughout these articles is that all forms of money are mentioned in US Dollars, and not Euros.

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