Taxi Montenegro Taxis from Podgorica and Tivat airport

Author: b555f4a2

It is a country that for a long time was treated as a forgotten corner on the Adriatic Sea. Only a little was known about Montenegro, and only a few were travelling here due to tourism. Currently, Montenegro delights with beautiful views, closeness to wild nature, landscape diversity, picturesque beaches, and a turquoise sea. Montenegro has also wonderful and very hospitable inhabitants, as well as a constant growing tourist base. On top of it, there is fantastic Balkan cuisine with the touch of Italian, Greek and Turkish flavours.

You have to understand that a taxi and a transfer are slightly different services. You should call for a taxi upon arrival at the airport. It costs 1-3 € ≈ 1.05 $, 0.86 £, 3.86 Dh, 18.24 ₺. For all 8 years of traveling around Montenegro, I have never seen the Internet work at the airport. It is important to understand that the prices are relevant for large taxi companies. But there are many private traders who are trying by any means to take you for a double or even triple price in Montenegro.

There are always a lot of such cars at the airports. There are exceptions, of course, for example, if right before your flight arrives, someone got to the airport in a normal taxi. Go Montenegro is a professional airport transfer company that also offers limo and chauffeur services. A standard ride from the airport in Podgorica to the center of the city will cost 12€.

It is an application with which you can call or chat, free of charge. There is no need to buy a SIM card, all you need is a WIFI connection. There are also information signs leading to the stations in the cities, so it’s fairly easy to find.

Not all taxi drivers have a command over the English language but all taxi dispatchers (the ones who will take on your call) do. Should you still feel insecure, you can ask at the reception of your hotel or in a shop nearby. Montenegro taxis are only allowed to operate in the municipality where their companies are registered. Look out for a license plate starting with either ‘PG’ -should you arrive at the airport in Podgorica -or ‘TV’ arriving at the Tivat airport. All companies that sell transfers promise English-speaking drivers.